Most Recent Courses


Psyc 101: Psychological Science

This freshman seminar provides a broad survey of the field of psychology. Students read an introductory psychology text and original journal articles covering each of the major areas of the discipline. As indicated by its name, this course offers an in-depth overview of psychology as an empirical scientific discipline.


Psyc/NS&B 221: Human Memory

This course provides students with an intensive overview of the different human memory systems revealed by empirical research in the fields of cognitive psychology and cognitive neuroscience. These systems include: working memory, perceptual memory, episodic memory, semantic memory, and procedural memory. Students read a text and the primary literature.


Psyc 321: Memory in the Movies

Major films and documentaries are viewed to understand memory. Topics include amnesia, person recognition, savant memory, altered memories in science fiction, autobiographical memory, false memory, troubled memory, and memory changes in old age. This is not a course about film; it is a course about memory that uses film to inform viewers about memory.